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MyDressbox - new wedding dress cleaning service!

We're thrilled to introduce our new wedding dress cleaning service to New Zealand.

I'd been thinking about the concept behind MyDressbox for some time, as bride's that came into my bridal shop, Vanilla Bridal, often asked about wedding dress cleaning.  I started offering a cleaning service to our own brides, and it got me wondering what other bridal shops did for their clients.

A few of my customers (who didn't come to us for cleaning their wedding dresses) had called about damage done by cleaners who did not specialise in bridal fabrics.  This prompted me to think more seriously about a nationwide service.

It wasn't until a family holiday in Gold Coast, Australia, shortly after the birth of my second child that the idea of a nationwide wedding dress cleaning service took root.  The boys, three years old and six months old, had not adjusted to the time difference, so we were up at 5am every day of the holiday.

By the third day we'd gone from brainstorming to action, and we set about designing the logo and developing the website.

So a combination of an idea, an identified need, and jetlag has lead to us introducing  We hope you enjoy the service!

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