Wedding Dress Storage DO's and DON'Ts

You can download a PDF version of this by simply clicking Wedding Dress Storage Do's and Don'ts.

Wedding Dress Storage "DO's"

  1. Do have the dress cleaned by a specialist wedding dress cleaner. Dry cleaners or launderers that are not familiar with delicate fabrics and stitching in modern wedding gown may use chemicals or processes that damage your gown.
  2. Store away from light, heat, damp, etc.
  3. Always store in a pH neutral bag or box – with tissue paper that is acid free. Note: Tissue paper can become acidic, if placed in a non-acid free box.
  4. Do choose a wedding dress storage box that blocks all light, and is strong enough to protect from dust and accidents, and be pH neutral. A box made of heavy board that closes completely will protect from insects, providing the box is closed properly. MyDressbox wedding dress boxes are ideal for this.
  5. Do keep your wedding dress box in a warm, dry room that has no history of insects or dampness. Check for signs of mildew, mould and condensation if unsure. Minimise the risk of flood damage by storing off the ground.
  6. Do check your dress every 6 months or so for peace of mind. Unpacking and repacking once a year gives it an airing and helps to prevent any creases becoming too permanent.
  7. Do use gloves when handling your wedding dress, or at least ensure hands are clean, dry and free of any moisturiser, sun screen or make up of any kind.

Wedding Dress Storage "DON'Ts"

  1. Don’t store you wedding dress long term in plastic dress covers. They are suitable for hanging the dress before the wedding, but not for long term storage;
  • They may let in light that can fade the fabric.
  • They do not allow for changes in humidity: in extreme cases this can cause condensation and mould.
  • PVC covers will disintegrate after several years and particles may drop onto the fabric of the dress.
  1. Don’t store in a normal cardboard box. Unless made with special pH neutral board, all boxes contain acid that passes into the dress fabric causing discolouration / yellowing.
  2. Don’t store your dress with other clothing/fabrics – fibres or dye from other garments/fabrics may transfer to your beautiful gown.
  3. Don’t wrap the wedding dress in coloured/dyed tissue paper. All coloured tissue paper contains dye which will affect the dress. Place the dress in a genuinely dark place, and tissue paper should be white and acid free.
  4. Don’t hang a dress on a hanger for any longer than a few hours to avoid stress on the seams and shape. Hanging a dress long term can cause shoulder straps to stretch and the dress to change its shape.