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MyDressbox are a team of passionate bridal cleaners, dressmakers and customer service representatives who just want to make cleaning your gown after the big day as easy as possible.

 Jasmin Igglesden, a bridal dressmaker with more than 15 years experience, conceived the concept of MyDressBox whilst on maternity leave in Gold Coast, Australia. As a dressmaker and owner of Vanilla Bridal, specialising in wedding gowns, Jasmin was asked repeatedly about caring for dresses after the big day.

Worse, she was already frequently approached by brides whose dresses had been damaged when they'd had their wedding dress cleaned by other dress cleaning methods.

MyDressbox's Wedding Dress Cleaning Service is her answer. Providing a combined, quality cleaning and storage service combined with professional care and expertise, developed by a professional dressmakers.

MyDressbox, as reviewed on EasyWeddings and featured in Only Dream Dresses launched in NZ in 2016 as a new service based on over a decade of garment cleaning, garment repair and bridal dressmaking experience.

Now MyDressbox Pty Ltd has launched in Australia, cleaning wedding gowns nationwide from our Melbourne, Victoria base.

MyDressbox Australia

MyDressBox Pty Ltd
10 Eminence Way,
Wantirna South, 3152.

Telephone: 0477 480 325

MyDressbox New Zealand

MyDressbox Ltd
721a Cameron Road,
Tauranga, 3112.

Telephone: 07 579 4452

"You totally transformed a lifeless dull dress, to a brand new better looking dress. Thank you so much for taking the time and care restoring this beauty!"

- Eternal Bridal, Melbourne


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