Wedding Dress Cleaning FAQ

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How does mydressbox work?

It’s simple. Just buy the MyDressbox that best describes your wedding dress style and condition. We’ll send you a box with a prepaid courier ticket. Put the dress in the box and adhere the pre-paid label, take it to your nearest AusPost and they'll give you a receipt with the tracking. We’ll then take out, clean, steam and return your wedding dress to you in a MyDressbox which is suitable for storage!

What size MyDressbox should I choose?

Typically speaking, our advice here is 'go with your instinct'! Most customers choose regular MyDressbox, but you'll have a good feeling if your dress is Light (e.g. a short, summer style) or Extra (very layered, or particularly soiled). You can Message us on Facebook with a photo of your dress if you're unsure! :-)

What if I choose the wrong MyDressbox?

If you're Wedding Dress arrives and you've picked the wrong box, no
worries; we will let you know and arrange a credit or upgrade as needed.

Once I order my dressbox, how long does it take?

When you place an order, we will ship your box ASAP (normally the same or the following business day!). Once we receive the dress, we will email you with confirmation and give you an eta.

Do I need to get a dress box straight after my wedding day?

We recommend getting the dress cleaned within the first year of getting married. In saying that, we clean wedding dresses that are 10+ years old and they come out great. Your wedding is a busy time, so don't rush or stress about it, just get onto it when you can.

Can wedding dresses with beading and or lace be washed?

Yes. Mydressbox is perfect for bridal dresses with beading and lace.

I didn’t get my wedding dress cleaned straight after my wedding – can I still order a dressbox?

Yes, we quite often clean dresses that have been left for months or even years after a wedding. For best results ,we recommend getting your
dress cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding day.

There’s some damage to my dress, should I get it repaired before I send it?

No, but please make reference to the repair when you order your
MyDressbox. We can arrange for repairs to be undertaken for an
additional charge.  We will contact you to discuss options. 

Got a Question not answered on this page?

Contact us, or Facebook us here!

How long does the process take?

When you place the order, we will ship your box to you as soon as we can.

Depending on where you are located, your box will typically take 2-5 business days. Once we receive your dress, we'll let you know and you'll get an eta on how long the process will take.