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Looking for a Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialist in Coffs Harbour?

MyDressbox specialise and offer professional, careful, hand-cleaning of wedding gowns in Coffs Harbour. E.g. when we say we're experienced - we're saying we only clean wedding dresses. We are wedding dress cleaning specialists - not wedding dress dry cleaners - an important distinction! Our delicate cleaning process will clean your gown, but we don't dry clean it, meaning no dry cleaning chemicals or solvents will come into contact with your wedding dress.

MyDressbox is an easy, convenient way to get your wedding dress cleaned in Coffs Harbour after the big day, no matter where you are located in Coffs Harbour or the rest of Australia. All our wedding dress cleaning options include free shipping to and from anywhere in Coffs Harbour for the Collection Box and our MyDressbox Wedding Dress Storage Boxes.

MyDressBox is the best provider of preservation boxes and wedding dress cleaners in Coffs Harbour, according to bridal registries and well-known Australian wedding dress makers.

Each bridal gown we sell is meticulously hand-cleaned to protect the delicate materials and embellishments. Before we begin the delicate process, your gown is carefully inspected by our talented team of dry cleaners, who have more than ten years of combined experience. Modern technology works in conjunction with our unique artisan washing process to successfully and tenderly remove the stains from your garment.

In Australia and New Zealand, we provide wedding dress cleaning services, along with clean and storage box choices. In total, 650 cartons containing cleaned wedding outfits were sold. Your magnificent wedding gown has a particular place saved in the hearts and minds of each employee at MyDressBox in Coffs Harbour. Be sure to wash, wrap, and store your most valuable apparel with care.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning Coffs Harbour

What we love most about Coffs Harbour

Major holiday and service centre famous for the 'Big Banana'. Coffs Harbour is a major coastal resort town noted for its banana plantations, its resorts, its mild climate and its fishing. It is beautifully located where the mountains tumble down to the seal.

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

The dress was meticulously cleaned by professionals with great care. My daughter’s dress looks brand new again! Thank you so much!


Coffs Harbour, Australia

I was worried about getting out grass stains from my outdoor wedding, but they got them out and left my dress like new again! I also got it preserved and put in a storage box. This place was perfect for everything I needed. Can't thank them enough!


Coffs Harbour, Australia

I was pleased from the moment I took my gown to them with the customer service & friendliness.I appreciate the timeliness & the quality of work they have done. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to clean & preserve their bridal gown.


Coffs Harbour, Australia

They sent before and after pictures and videos prior to boxing to make sure i was happy before i came to get it. The bottom of my dress was dirty from wedding photos in the park and it all came out. Definitely recommend!

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Coffs Harbour or regional, it's all the same to us

It doesn't matter whether you're based in Coffs Harbour, out in the suburbs, or even an hour or two out of the city.  Because we use Auspost, you only need travel as far as your nearest Post Office to get your wedding dress cleaned.

Three Simple Steps to Clean your Wedding Dress in Sydney

Three Simple Steps to Wedding Dress Cleaning in Coffs Harbour

  • Choose the MyDressbox suitable for your wedding dress
  • Pack your Wedding Dress into the provided Collection Box and drop it at your nearest AusPost Post Office
  • We return your wedding dress cleaned, steamed, repaired (if necessary) and in a MyDressbox storage box

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Whats included when you clean your gown with us

What's included when you clean your wedding dress with us

  • Careful hand cleaning by one of our wedding dress cleaning experts
  • Minor repairs such as split seams and torn hems that can happen on the big day
  • Following cleaning and repair, we'll steam your gown ready for packing
  • We'll wrap your gown in acid-free tissue paper and pack it in a MyDressbox wedding dress storage box
  • All the above is included in our standard price. No hidden costs. No extras.

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Locations We Serve

We offer wedding dress cleaning all across Australia, including wedding dress cleaning in Melbourne, wedding dress cleaning in Perth, and wedding dress cleaning in Brisbane.

So long as you have access to an Australia post, we can clean your wedding dress!

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