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Wedding Dress Cleaning Step One

Choose the MyDressbox suitable for your wedding dress.

Select the MyDressbox that best describes your wedding dress and wedding dress condition. Complete the order online (please note delivery times vary depending on where you live - e.g. Western Australia will take longer than Victoria.

You can learn more about our wedding dress cleaning options here.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Step Two - Collection Box

Receive "Collection Box" and pack your Wedding Dress into the Box.

MyDressbox send you a "Collection Box" to the address you supplied as soon as your order is processed. Simply follow the enclosed instructions to pack your wedding dress into the waterproof bag and put it in the box!

Note: This is not the final "MyDressbox" box that we will return your cleaned, steamed wedding dress in. It's the "Transport" box that minimises the chance of your MyDressbox getting damaged in transit.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Step Three - Return to Us

Drop your Collection Box as your most convenient AusPost Depot.

It's as simple as that.  Auspost will deliver your dress (tracked, postage paid) back to us so that we can clean it.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Step Four - Notification

Wedding Dress Cleaning Process Starting

As soon as we receive your Wedding Dress we will notify you via email.
We'll inspect your dress for any damage, and identify any minor repairs required.

We then begin the cleaning process which can take up to three weeks, depending on the condition of the dress and how busy we are. Some wedding dresses need to be processed 2-3 times to remove stubborn stains!

Once clean, we'll undertake any required repairs (minor repairs are included in the price).

Wedding Dress Cleaning Step Five - Cleaning and Boxing

Wedding Dress Cleaning Complete!

Your wedding dress is fully dried before being steamed, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and carefully folded into your final "MyDressbox" Storage Box.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Final Step - Return Cleaned Wedding Dress

That's It!

As soon as it's in the box, we prepare it for delivery back to you and send you another email notification to let you know it's safely on it's way.

You can choose whether to put your Wedding Dress somewhere safe, or perhaps considering on-selling it.

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